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INFOE PODCAST « Dando Lata » is a program that introduces you to contemporary Mexican artists, creators and entrepreneurs, each episode narrates the journey of our guests from their youth to the present.

How they managed to develop their projects, live off their passions and believe in their ideas!

Every beginning of the month, you will be able to find a new guest who will share with us moments of life, anecdotes, experiences and how far they intend to develop their activities and commitments.

In this podcast, it’s about exposing talented people who often remain in the shadows, but who enrich the culture with their work day after day.

Mexico City is a mine of knowledge, stories, creators and entrepreneurs, a way to pay tribute to Mexicans and all their creatives through this podcast.

Thank you all very much for joining the project, following us and sharing your adventures with us!

Unity is strength, knowledge is a weapon!




Dando Lata con Pablo Canvas "Street Active Lifestyle"

Season 1, Episode 01